Glass Mastics and Putty

Glass mastics and putty for use with glass and glazing products.

Glass Mastics

At Hamilton Glass Products Ltd we stock various types of mastic from silicone sealant to decorators caulk, mirror adhesive and Intufire intumescent sealant, among others.

Glass Putty

Putty has been used extensively in glazing for fixing and sealing panes of glass to wooden and metal frames, although its uses have decreased with the prevalence of PVC, which typically uses synthetic sealants such as silicone.

Glazing putty is traditionally made by mixing a base of whiting (finely ground chalk) with linseed oil. There are a number of synthetic alternatives such as polybutene based puttie, where polybutene replaces the linseed il, butyl rubber is also added to the mixture to provide strength and flexibility.

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