Safety glass

There are three main choices of safety glass:

Toughened glass (Class A) is ideal wherever you wish to ensure people’s safety as it helps minimise injuries by breaking into small pieces rather than dangerous shards. The glass gets its strength through the use of many different thermal or heating chemicals.

Laminated glass (available in Classes A, B or C) offers great protection from forced entry by bonding a tough interlayer in between two pieces of glass. Any shards of glass in an accident will remain attached to the plastic and so the risk of injury is reduced. The plastic interlayer is invisible, giving you a clear view of the outside world. It is especially suitable for shops and businesses but is increasingly being used in homes, usually targeted at areas most likely to suffer a breakage and where children are living.

Georgian wired glass (Class C) is embedded with a wire mesh which holds the glass together in an accident. This glass is also rated as a fire glass. Georgian wired polished plate glass is a clear glass, while Georgian wired cast glass is obscure

A class ‘C’ safety glazing material can only be used if the smaller dimension is under 900mm