Glass Furniture




Dining Tables



 Home Entertainment Units


 Bespoke Tables, Coffee & Console Tables, etc..


Glass Dining Table
  Glass Entertainment Stand Blue Tiffany Glass Table
At our Tolworth workshop we can produce, shape and create glass to either create a table in full or be used as a table top. The glass can be enhanced upon by a number of processing manners such as bevelling, shaping, tinting, colouring and many more. Home entertainment units are a common feature within any modern home, providing the perfect positioning for your television, whilst offering ideal placement for DVD, consoles, VHS, Hi-Fi and any other home entertainment related items.  

With our ability to produce glass furniture in-house we can create a number of varying types of tables, such as coffee tables, bedside tables, lamp tables, magazine stand tables and many more. All products are tailored to your specific requirements, including but not limited to: shape, size and colour.









 Display Storage & Showcase Units


 Shelving  Cabinets  Display Units

We are able to tailor glass to your specifications and can create any kind of shelving, whether it be a singular shelf or a whole shelving unit.


In addition to glass shelving, we can produce glass cabinets, display and storage units.


From single showcase and storage units to entire store designs, we can create displays according to your exact specifications or even design them for you.





 Miscellaneous Items



 Fish Tanks



 Furniture Protection


Mirrored Stand for football trophy, with decorated patterns
  Fish Tank Coloured Glass Desk Top Protection

We produce a number of miscellaneous items in-house, such as stands, plaques and many others.


We can produce fish tanks or other enclosures for your pets to meet your individual specifications.


As with splashbacks, glass can be used to provide the perfect means of protection for walls, internal areas and even furniture.