Glass Products – Quality made bespoke

At Hamilton Glass Products Ltd we supply and install a variety of glass products such as splashbacks, mirrors, shower screens & enclosures, balustrades & partitions, roofs, doors and other glass products.

All of our glass products are produced in house and made bespoke to measure and meet our customers individual styles and needs.


We stock a wide range of glass, including laminated, fire-rated, low iron and pattern textured glass.


We produce all mirrors in-house, which are made to individual specifications, each mirror can be processed to include beveling, drilling, shaping, polishing, tinting and intricate designs involving sandblasting or even leading and coloured glass.


We are one of Surrey’s leading suppliers of splashbacks and worktops. We provide a full template and installation service, no colour is too scarce to source and no shape is too difficult to produce, our service is truly bespoke. 


We provide a truly bespoke design and installation service for showers, shower enclosures and shower screens with a sophisticated range of fixtures and fittings, giving you the complete freedom of design.


At Hamilton’s we supply and fit a variety of architectural glass products such as doors, floors, roofs, walls/ partitions, and balustrades. Each product is designed to the individual specification of the customer.

Glass Furniture

Our furniture is designed to be truly innovative to maximize the use of your available space. Each design is made to your individual requirements, resulting in furniture that is truly flexible and personal.

Double Glazed Units

The latest double glazing units offer much better insulation than conventional single glazing. Double glazing is the ideal choice for residential properties due to its sound and heat insulation properties. Each unit can be tailored to individual requirements from the size of the cavity, glass and its design features.

Window Films

We supply and fit a wide range of films including solar control, anti glare, bomb blast, security and obscured/ patterned. We are able to reduce heat gain by up to 70% and glare by up to 80% as well as reduce UV fading by 99%

Window Blinds

The perfect and only viable option for light control in sliding and bi folding doors, but also perfect for any type of double glazing among other windows. Pleated or Uni Blinds come in a variety of systems, including Magnetic Control,, Motorized and Slider, the blinds can even be installed inside the window cavity.

Putty & Mastics

We stock a range of mastics and sealants for glass applications, including Mirror adhesive, decorators caulk and intufire. We also stock putty for reparing wood and metal frames.

Fixtures & Fittings

We are a local stockist of quality glass fixtures, fittings and accessories, such as cat flaps, shower fittings, balustrade clamps, hinges, patch fittings and glazing channels.

Protective Safety Screens

We produce and supply protective safety screens, which are either produced custom to suit your environment, or as portable sneeze guards.

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